Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Plumbing Repair On A Bathtub Leak

When I woke up yesterday morning, and staggered into the bathroom, as I do when I am only half awake, I unexpectedly stood in a pool of water. As this was very cold it instantly woke me up. I put the light on so that I could see clearly as the sun was only partly up at this time, and I could see that whole bathroom floor had a layer of water on it. Thinking that the whole house was going to vanish under a gigantic flood, I ran into the kitchen to turn off the mains water. I knew that I would be spending the day doing a plumber Austin TX repair.
The problem with a leak like this is that it can be difficult finding it, especially as bathrooms have more pipes than most other rooms in the house. It took me around two hours to find the culprit. It was the joint to the cold water tap on the bathtub. The reason it took so long to find was that I had to remove the front cover off the bath, and squeeze myself underneath. Once the problem area was discovered, it was a relatively simple and quick task to do the plumber repair.

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